Monday, May 15, 2017

handmade sale

Hello friends, happy Monday to you all!

Once again I find myself with way too many finished projects taking up precious space in my studio so I decided it was time for another handmade sale. 

All the items in this mosaic (and more) are listed in my etsy shop now. Click here to be taken directly to the shop.

Hope you'll find something you like and thank you for your support :)

Happy shopping! Svetlana


  1. What a surprise, I love the pillow so much!

  2. I love your bags <3 but i don't know how to buy on Etsy...

    1. Thank you. You can either click on the link in the post to be taken to my etsy shop or click on the 'my etsy shop' banner on right side of this blog. Hope this helps.


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